X pro help

I spent most of the day yesterday creating a new funky header for my website with a sticky bar underneath which pops up when scrolling down

I have gone to start on the content of the page and although everything is there i am unable to see all the work i have done in the editor X pro seems very very fragile.

I have now turned off all of the plugins
cleared the cache
tried three different browsers

and still nothing what the hell is going on is anyone else having the same issues

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! I have checked your site and I do not see any JS errors on the page. I am also seeing the layout in tact. The custom header is displayed though there is no content of the page as of the moment. ​To assist you better with this issue, would you mind providing us the url of your site with login credentials so we can take a closer look?

To do this, you can create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WordPress Admin username / password

Thank you.

Hi THere,

The password provided do not seem to be working, please review it.


I have added the details you required in a secure note.

I have started again with the header but i am having lots of problems making it responsive

nothing seems to fit correctly i have turned most things off in the mobile views which seems to work ok.

I would appreciate any help you can give me

sorry i have updated that password should be ok now thanks

Hi There,

I am able to login now. I have checked your homepage and it is loading fine: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cbllVC2m7X

I tried checking other pages but they are built using Visual Composer. Since visual composer is disabled, we can only see shortcode on those pages. Can you clarify on which specific page you are having this issue? Please do right click > inspect element > choose console tab and see if there’s any error.

I have not managed to build any of the pages as yet i am having issues with the headers things not working

i am currently working on header Hydro1 it obviously needs to be responsive but this is not happening the menu does not fit in anything but the largest screen

HHT1 no longer loads on any of my pc’s either my work or home pc so i have just given up on that

If you could have a look at let me know your thoughts and actions that would be brill

Hey @simonmphoto,

Your header loads fine on my end. Please clear your browser cache then check again. Also test in incognito mode and other browsers.

The Navigation Inline element does not shrink. You need to hide it in tablet views also using the Hide During Breakpoints option under Customize in the element’s control navigation.

I would strongly recommend that you watch or review the Header and Footer Builder Introduction, Tips and Tricks and the rest of the element’s usage instructions in our Knowledge Base.


HI Thanks for getting back to me i have watched the video and to be honest it runs through everything so quick it is actually hard to see whats going on.

As for the nav menu you save i have to hide it in mobile view well is does not even work in 980-1199px which is obviously not a mobile view or am i missing something here.

I am not a coder you advertise the pro theme as simple to use it is anything but !

maybe i should just try a different theme…


We’re sorry if you find the video fast. I would recommend you watch it bit by bit. That means you need to play if for say, 5 minutes then pause or replay it and I believe eventually, you will learn from it.

Yes, it is not mobile. It is the laptop view.

Mobile starts from 979px which is a generic tablet view.

Let me show you how to do that. Please watch this.

The builders does have a learning curve because of the available features but build your site bit by bit. We’re here to help and guide you.


Thanks for your help so far

can you please tell me how i get the social icons to drop below the header and then run in a row ?


Hi there,

I checked and I don’t see any social icons in your header. Have you tried adding another header bar and place the social icons? When a header bar has containers set it column, then all of them will align as columns. Hence, it’s better to group your elements in different header bar if you wish to separate them by row.


they are not in the header they are in the footer ?

Hi there,

Hmm, you said to drop it below the header. But same recommendation, please add another footer bar in your footer and place your social icons in it.


There is not need to be rude about it with the HMMM Rad is there i am new to this so please forgive me i did look through the knowledge base to see if there was anything there.

i don’t want to create another bar to put the the social icons in i want them all in the same area.

This theme does have an enormous amount of we cant do this and cant do that it is very disappointing for a $60.00 theme

it’s crazy that you can place elements in a container under each other .

all i wanted to do was a in a container have

Element heading- Follow us on:
Element social icons in a row below this
Element Image (comodo logo) below the above

is that to much to ask

Hello There,

Do you want something like this?

Please check out the settings in the duplicate footer that I made. You can check the demo in the link I have provided in the secure note.

We understand your frustrations on the ins and out of Pro theme. Just remember that we have created Pro theme out of the X theme. The X theme is more on for new users and intermediate users. Those users who would want to set up a site out of the box in less time. With Pro theme, it is built on the idea of having to create more control over the areas or elements like the header or footer. Pro theme is a great tool for intermediate and advanced users like designers and developers.

Have a nice day and take care!


Thank you for your help what was i doing wrong.

I have been a x theme user for a long time and pro does everything i want it to do just need a bit of help every now and again sorry if i get annoying

Hey There,

Well, you have inserted the image in the wrong container and just need a little tweak with your settings. Your negative margins screw things up and your flex layout needs to be adjusted to accomplish it like what I have created in the example footer. Please check out my example so that you can differentiate it with your settings. Flex layout is a complex set up and can be frustrating too. No worries our support are always happy to help you.


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