X-Pro Footer Menu Issues


I have tried creating a static-type menu within the footer, which lists the five main nav headings and their dropdown components - I wanted to do this so that all menu items are visible (like on many sites like HP etc) and so that each menu item is linked to its individual page.

Problems I am having are as follows:

  1. Couldn’t work out an effective way of doing this except for creating a TEXT row and selecting 'columns - then adding 5 columns. Is this the best way to achieve this?

  2. Using slightly Larger font for main heading on each of the five sections and heavier weight font. The top row doesn’t align perfectly - so having to change font size and line spacing to try and get the near-best results.

  3. Getting columns to work so that I can select say one item in col 2, 4 in col 2, 5 in col 3, 1 in col 4 and 3 in col 5 for example, relies on pressing return and then backspace all over the place - is there a more effective way of doing this?

  4. I can’t seem to create a CLASS which works for manually adding HOVER etc colours for each link and I am having to create individual links in the TEXT EDIT box which seems very long winded. Is this the best way? Also where do I create the CLASS on - the TEXT element, the ROW or the SECTION??? neither seems to work???

  5. I can’t find a way of managing this effectively and all I wish to do is to generate a static menu showing every page with links and have ONE hover colour.

  6. A major issue was created when I tried to change the SITE LINKS colour and remove them from the X-Pro editor. I wanted to do this because I need multiple colour links depending on the section/background. When I did this the links said TRANSPARENT but they changed multiple backgrounds randomly on many sections across the site which looked very strange. Now all links are invisible - is there a way of sorting this out so I can choose what colour link I need without having to risk changing multiple areas (backgrounds etc) around the site if I re-enable link colours And, how are you supposed to create link colours manually as they don’t appear to work well that way… Thanks

Hey @stuartmurphy,

The footer of HP can be replicated with our Pro Footer Builder. The first thing you need to do is to learn how to use the Header and Footer Builder. Please watch the introduction video at https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/pro-header-and-footer-builder-introduction/103

Next, you will need to learn how to use the Elements. Element usage instructions are available in our Knowledge Base.

The elements that you’ll need to use are the following:

  • 1 Bar with 5 Containers (this will be the columns). Each Container will hold the following elements:
  • Headline
  • Navigation
  • Social (if you wish add social icons)

You can watch this rough video demo of the setup. Just note that I’m only showing that this can be done and it’s not a tutorial. For that, please refer to our Knowledge Base.

I recommend you get the structure correctly first and then we can move on to styling the footer further.


Hi Christian,

Thanks for your kind reply and signposting me to the right information. Already use headers and footers and happy with general use. Thanks for the suggestion to use separate containers. Great idea but it’s a whole lot of creation of bespoke menu items. Thanks for information.

You’re welcome, Stuart.

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