X modal shortcode

Is there a shortcode for Modal Button?
I wish to add the pop-up link in Contact form 7.

I can do it in normal page from element selector.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jo3,

Thanks for reaching out.

You mean connect modal element to your contact form 7 similar to lightbox shortcode? It’s not possible, I recommend adding your contact form 7 within the modal element content.


Thanks but I just wish to set pop-up msg like appear as pop-up from contact form just like a image-light box.

For example, put text HELP in the Contact form besides TEXT input box and when click or touch this HELP text then POP up small help message will appear but not jump leaving the form page.

I thiks is possible??

Hi @jo3 ,

There is currently no modal box shortcode available out of the box with X although there is a lightbox shortcode that you might want to check.

However, you might want to check the Popover/Tooltip which comes with a shortcode that you can use that is native to X.

This shortcode will give you an option to display some tooltips to some texts.


For example, in your contact form 7 form setting you will have the code:

<label> Your Name [extra href="#example" title="Required Field" info="popover" info_place="top" info_trigger="hover" info_content="Please type in your name." ]*[/extra]
[text* your-name] </label>

Hovering over the * will open the popover box that contains some information about the field like this:

Hope this helps.

THanks again !

I think this is the best for PC users but mobile user has no mouth devides so that there is no popover behaviour but touch bottom or link on screen.

I see many case for pop-uping from ipohnes and still searching the best way.

The popover that @Jade suggested is also clickable in mobile devices. If that does not cover what you need, you can try posting in our Peer To Peer Forum to see if other users have an experience.


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