X Icons not appearing for users, and other issues revealed by Hotjar

Today i was watching some Hotjar recordings of users of our website www.tellasia.org and three issues were revealed which I see no way to fix as they appear to be back-end X problems. Please see attached doc and screenshots.
I would add my login info as usual but in this new interface I dont see how to make it secure util after posting I see there’s a “secure not” button but that’s after I’ve posted… not sure about that… so I’ll wait to hear from you for a way to securely send my login details.

I just fixed the video, which needed to run using Embedded Video not Video Player (I’ve had it in Video Player for months not knowing that it couldn’t be viewed in some browsers! This should be noted as a problem with Video Player element so others dont make the same mistake…) Now I also observe that the Portfolio (https://www.tellasia.org/media/) doesnt work at all on Safari. Is there a fix for this?

Hi there,

To make sure that font icons are working okay you need to check your hosting service provider cross domain access settings. For more information please kindly read this article:

I checked your website and saw the counters working correctly. Would you please kindly clarify better which browser which version and which OS your customer experienced the problem explained?

Thank you.

Hi there,

Video player functionality works correctly for different browsers. You just need to add different video types in the input box of the video player element to make sure that the cross-browser compatibility is met.

Hope it helps.

ok, will try, thanks

Let us know how it goes,