.x-cart-notification Display on single product page

I would like to add the .x-cart-notification shown on archive pages to single product pages. Anytime an item is added to their cart on single product page it will show the .x-cart-notification animation. Or, an animation within the button that shows the item has been added to the cart. Right now it just shows a header notification box that is hard to see on devices larger than mobile. On mobile it reloads the page when adding an item and runs you up to the message. Thank you

Hello Jeffrey,

Thanks for writing in! In WooCommerce > Settings > Products, enable the “AJAX” Add to cart behaviour.

If this is not helping, please provide us the URL of your product archive page.

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To clarify, I want .x-cart-notification to show on single product pages. It already shows on the archive pages.

Hi Jeffrey,

I would suggest you share the single product page and product archive page URL to check and guide you on this.


click on any product - I have 700

Let me know if you need clarification on what I am asking…

Hey Jeffrey,

If that is the case, please check out these old threads instead:

Be advised that what you are trying to accomplish at this moment is beyond the scope of our support under our Support Policy. If you are unfamiliar with code and resolving potential conflicts, you may select our One service for further assistance.

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