WPML widget not showing

I’ve tried adding a WPML language switcher widget to my header, but it isn’t showing it in the builder. What am I missing?
Could you help?


Hi Alon,

Thanks for writing in! Regretfully the widget areas is only for standard Navbar. You cannot have it, if the page has a custom header. You might want to design your custom header that include a Widget Area element instead.

Please refer to the following guide (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/pro-widget-area-element/116).

Hope that helps.

That’s exactly what I did, sorry if that wasn’t clear. I defined the widget area in the header, and chose the relevant widget. However, it doesn’t show up in the header. I just have an empty box.

I need this up and running soon, so instead I created a shortcode for the language switcher and implemented that through a text area. However, now I have two problems:

  1. Although in the builder it shows both languages, in the live site it is only showing English and not Spanish, no matter what I do.
  2. I defined a bar for mobile view and a bar for esktop view, however for some reason it is showing both bars in the builder. Why is this?


Hey @alonmg,

  1. I don’t see a your home page translated to Spanish. Would you mind translating it first?

  2. I only see 1 bar showing in desktop and 1 in mobile.


You were right about the page, I updated the translation so now it’s showing.

However, I just checked and it is showing two bars. Attached examples of mobile and tablet view.

Also, while on the issue of WPML:

  1. The translated pages don’t show the sidebar. What do I need to update in the definitions?
  2. The buttons in the translated pages don’t lead to the Spanish version of the page, but keep riverting to English. Do you know why?


Hi there,

There is a bug regarding theWPML integration with Header/Footer builder which is under active development.

I did the steps below:

  • Wen to WPML > Languages and changed the translation method from parameters to sub-directories:
  • Went to Settings > Permalinks and changed the permalinks to Post Name.
  • Went to WPML > Translation Management > Multilingual Content Setup and enabled translations for all Custom Post Types:

That should help you get around the issue at the moment.

But the final fix will be available in the future releases.

I also checked the Header Builder and could not replicate the double menu items effect which you gave the screenshot of. I suggest that you clear your browser cache or try another browser to check the header builder.

For the additional WPML related questions kindly reply here, but for the other issue of the duplication kindly open up a separate thread.

Thank you.

Thanks. That didn’t help. The buttons still take me to English from the Spanish pages, and the sidebar still isn’t showing in the translated pages. Any other ideas?

Please try contacting WPML support as it looks like a WPML configuration issue.


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