WPML translation of Terms and conditions filed

After I first translated TERMS AND CONDITIONS + other text field in theme using WPML it started to show error when pressing on the link. See attachment. WPML support has trouble to deal with this issue even after deleting translation string etc. Please have a look.

Hi There,

Could you please provide us with your admin account so we can take a closer look?


Yes. Where to input passwords and other discreet information so You can access it?

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Please check this article for help regarding secure note.


Hi @basanta,

Please try creating your terms and condition in a standard editor (instead of a builder). The builder uses v2 element which is not accessible outside its own page. Plus, it’s a Woocommerce that pulls the content so I’m not really sure if it’s correctly pulling the correct content for each language.

Another workaround is using the global block, please check this https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/global-blocks/24723

Then just copy your global block’s shortcode to the content of your terms and condition page (you may need two global blocks for reach terms page language).


Using default text field not Cornerstone fixed the problem. Thank You!

You’re welcome.

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