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I needed to be able to translate my website into French. After looking into a few threads in the forum it looked like everyone was using WPML with Xtheme. I purchased the plugin and paid for all of the translation work to be done through their translation service. Now when I click on the “french” option in the topbar, the entire page breaks. Its like it messing up the css or something. This is really concerning me because I have already spent a lot of money to try and get this accomplished. I really hope it can be fixed. Please take a look and let me know what to do.

Site: http://contourbeta.com/campark

I’ll add a secure note with login credentials.

Hi @Contourandco,

Thanks for reaching out.

May I know how it was translated? It should be translated through the builder and not with string translation manager. And seems the shortcode are old but couldn’t load it on the builder so I could check if the data are still intact.

Please check this https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/preview-problem-with-wpml/52488 and downgrade your WPML plugins to recommended version and we’ll check it again.


What do you mean it should be translated through the builder? I can downgrade the plugins in a little bit so you can take another look. I’m pretty sure I used the translation manager to have wpml’s translators do the actual translations.

Once I downgrade the plugins, how should I implement the translations?

Hello There,

To properly translate a page created with Cornerstone or Pro editor, please review this guide from WPML.

Hope this helps.


I downgraded all of my WPML plugins to their older versions. The same exact problem is still occurring.

These are the versions I downloaded and installed.

WPML Multilingual CMS - 4.0.6
WPML String Translation - 2.8.6
WPML Translation Management - 2.6.7

Hi @Contourandco,

The downgrade fixes the builder issue, the French version is now loading within the builder. BUT, it’s completely empty, I assume it was translated this way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmmyU6MtXY8. Where it only search visible strings and replace it. And it was not really translated within the builder before. And it seems like it based on the existing old content.

For that, I recommend translating it within the builder. Example, switch to English page and save it as a Template, then switch to French page and import the saved English template. Then edit it and translate the content of the French page.

This is an old video for old cornerstone, and it should be translated that way even before https://www.dropbox.com/s/5oq0a5f7s2fd852/CornerstoneTranslation.mp4?dl=0

I only requested the downgrade since the builder wasn’t loading.


Okay. So I have been doing this on a few pages and I can see where Im going to run into an issue. I completed this page so you can take a look at it (http://contourbeta.com/campark/ways-to-stay/). The issues is that the header and footer do not translate.


You can translate those text under sting translation.

Please see screenshot

Please refer to the link below for more information


So I figured out how to make new menus. That is pretty much all I would want to translate in the header / footer areas. I did find one more problem that I would like your help with though. On the “About Us” page I implemented an Essential Grid. For some reason it does not work on the french version.


Hey @Contourandco,

It looks like a conflict with Essential Grid and WPML. I created a test page using the WordPress editor only and the grid won’t display in the French page (see secure note).

Regretfully, you’ll need to try another grid plugin for this like The Grid. For details about the said plugin, please visit the links below:


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