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The mission pages is translated in WMPL using translation management from French to English but it is showing French content when the English version is requested. All other translated pages work as expected.

Link to a page where the issue can be seen:

I expected to see:
What is in the Advanced Translation Editor.

Instead, I got:
Default French related page content.

With your extensive expertise, would it be too much asking you to look into this issue?

Hi @shimoda,

Thank you for writing in, I see that you’re using a Classic Text and Classic Headline element on that page, currently, there is an issue with WPML and Classic element translation. For now, please use the (new) Text and Headline element on your page content.


Hi @friech,

Thanks to bring this issue to my attention. By switching to regular text and headline elements translation now works.

The reason I am using Classic elements in order to inherit from global header settings. This work well on other pages including the translation. So, there is a specific issue with the Mission page using the classic elements and WPML.

Coming back to the Mission page. Now the French page looks good but text of the header elements of the English page are over sized.

Hi Shimoda,

Kindly go to the element that you used for the text or headline and use the options of the element to fine-tune the color, size, and font of the text.

Then you can set a template or preset of that text element to use later for other texts. For more information kindly click here.

I also think that the best way of using WPML and our page builder is to use the page builder feature. I suggest that you duplicate the page in question using this plugin. Then please open up the Page Builder on that page. There you will see an icon at the bottom right section of the screen to add the translation.

There you will be prompted to duplicate the page. Please duplicate the page. Now you will have access to the Page Builder for both languages and you have full control over the size and everything of the elements for each language.

Thank you.

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