WPML language switcher dropdown isn't working


I am using WPML but the language switcher dropdown isn’t working on the primary menu. There are supposed to be 3 languages but it only shows English. Can you give me the CSS code so the dropdown for multiple languages works?

URL: new.colourfast.com

Thanks a lot!


When I inspect the element, I didn’t see any dropdown so it cannot be resolve using CSS.
It seems that it hasn’t been setup correctly.

Please refer to the link below for your guide.

If those doesn’t help, kindly provide us your wordpress admin login in Secure Note so we can take a closer look.



I followed the guide for the setup for both 3rd parties as per instructions but it’s still not working.
(Added wpml actions to functions.php and css for the uber menu to x theme css section)

If you can solve this problem It will be much appreciated. Please see the secure note to login the site!

Thanks in advance.

Hi There,

Your login page is returning 502 error:

Could you please double check?

Please also make sure that you’ve already translated the page in other languages. The language switcher will only show other languages if the page is translated and available in other languages.



“502 bad gateway” is fixed and the home pages for those Spanish and French now work. However even though I can see the language switcher, French & Spanish dropdown menu is far away on the left… See the below screenshot for reference:

How can this be fixed within the uber menu?

Thank you!!

Hi There,

Please try adding this custom CSS under Theme Options > CSS:

li.ubermenu-wpml-ls-item {
    position: relative !important;

li.ubermenu-wpml-ls-item .ubermenu-retractor.ubermenu-retractor-desktop {
    display: none;

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

It works! Thank you :slight_smile:

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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