WPML - Header Builder: Can't copy existing or start from blank


I just tried to translate my Header but I can’t “copy Existing” oder “Start from blank”.
When I press either one the loading bar at the top stops right before the end and doesn’t move one.

In the console I saw this “error” - maybe this helps finding the problem:

“Rejecting Controller promise {name: “translation::create::0”, data: {…}, success: false}”

and further down:

“cs-vendor.js?ver=2.1.4:19500 ReferenceError: error is not defined”

Hope you can help,


Hi there,

Thanks for writing in.

I can reproduce this issue as well even on freshly installed Wordpress and theme. I already added this in our issue tracker for further checking. I’ll add this thread as well, maybe we can update you once we fond something.


I’m experiencing the same issue on my sites. Do you have an estimate of when this could be fixed? I need to finish a few projects so I’ll consider using a header/footer translation workaround if it’s going to take a while.

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I have the same problem, a progress run the stops just before the end !!

I got this message (via the console): WPML does not allow this post type (cs_header) to be translated

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Hi there,

There is no workaround introduced at the time being. Our development team marked the issue as a bug in our internal software, so we need to wait for upcoming releases regarding this. There is no ETA at the moment for a new release. If we have more information available we will share with you in the newsfeed:

@cvanhenten the console message you have mentioned seems to be different from the other cases. Kindly open up a separate thread and give us detailed information regarding that including the URL/User/Pass of your website using the Secure Note functionality of the post.

Thank you.

@christopher.amirian I am actually getting the console message as well (warning, not an error), so I feel it might be related to this issue.

Also, I previously shared this workaround for translating headers/footers which still works well for me: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/my-wpml-pro-workaround-for-headers-footers/7631/1

@Frimatek Thanks for sharing and we’ll check that too. What warning you’re getting? Thanks!

Had this same issue:
Fix: WPML > Tranlation Options > Custom posts

I changed everything to Translate on and fixed the issue.


I am getting this error as well.

I had the same problem, but @Neil.Randle saved the day! This is the solution.

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Hi there,

Glad it’s okay now! And thanks for sharing. I’ll add this to our issue tracker, maybe WPML has filters than can enforce or include X’s post types by default.


Neil.Randle rocks.
Thank you Neil, this seems to have fixed the problem. I’m now able to load my headers and translate them! So good so far!

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Glad to know! And again, thanks sharing the end result :wink:

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