Working with Two Domains

Hi There,

I’m currently using X Pro (loving it!). I’m a designer, not programmer so I have no idea if what I’m asking is possible or not. I have two domains for my site “” and “”. I’m wondering if its possible to have a domain ( that points to the landing page, and then depending on what the person clicks, it either goes to a new page with the address “” or another page “”. Below is a visual.

Thank you!

Hi Meghan,

That is possible. If the landing page is created with the Content Builder of Pro you can easily use the button element for each case and in the button element options add the proper URL for each button.

For the first button, you will need to add:
For the second button, you will need to add:

It is important that you add the starting http:// at the beginning of the URLs.

Thank you.

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for your reply. To confirm, if I point my other domain to my website I can also use it on the same X Pro lisence?

The button part I am confident with, it’s using two domains on the same license, account, wordpress site.

Thank you

Hi There,

Yes, you can assign two different domain names to your licenses.

Then you can use the corresponding license key to validate your domain.

Hope that helps.

Thank you everyone for your assistance!

You’re most welcome, Meghan.

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