Working with headers inside X theme


I have both X and Pro themes. Ive been using X because of the ease of use. Im having some issues with my header though. I replaced the default logo with an image that is my own logo. Its not in a place on the header that is pleasing. Is it possible to move it around, or do I need to use the Pro theme for this flexibility?


Hi Chris,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I tried to check your site but it’s under construction at moment so couldn’t check your header setup. In X you’ll need to do it with custom development or if the changes are minor then custom CSS would be enough however if you’ve more complex or in-depth changes than you should use Pro Header Builder. In Pro, you can control the layout and how different elements which creates the content of the header or footer are positioned.

Hope this helps!

Ok, are there tutorials on how to design in pro. A basic walk-through, so I can get started?

Hey Chris,

You can follow this detailed article

Hope this helps!

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