I have just setup WooCommerce and I am having difficulty with the following

  1. Is it possible to edit the ship page with Cornerstone? if so could you please provide me with the procedure. I would like a cornerstone page so I could use some elements like a rev slider on the top and some Logos and images above the actual store

  2. As it is now in the standard WooCommerce shop page I have the footer showing as like on the rest of my sites pages, I do not want to footer to appear, is that possible? I would like to have a cornerstone section to be able to put my own custom elements at the bottom of the page.

  3. when WooCommerce installed it also installed by default JETPACK, is this necessary? Is this beneficial if a have a small shop? If I remove it will I break anything? I am trying to keep my site as lean as possible, I realize this is not your product but you input would be appreciated

Thank you in advance and have a great day!


Hey Marcel,

Thanks for writing in. Here are the answers to your questions

Regretfully, no. Pages with no content area could not be edited with Cornerstone or the Content Builder in Pro

This can only be achieved in Pro so I’d recommend that you switch to Pro. Below are the steps to assign a custom footer to the Shop page

  1. Create a page (usually titled Shop) to be used as WooCommerce’s Shop page.
  2. Set the newly created page as Shop page in WooCommerce > Settings > Products > General
  3. Create a new footer and assign it to the shop page. You first need to learn how to use the Header and Footer builder for this so please see https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/pro-header-and-footer-builder-introduction/103

I just tested installing WooCommerce in my test site and it didn’t install Jetpack. Jetpack might have been installed by your web host. You can uninstall Jetpack if you don’t need it. It won’t break anything as it is not connected to any of our products.

Hope that helps.

Hi Christian, thanks for your swift reply

Do you think that I will have any, I mean any issues bringing this site that I just built in x over to pro, will anything break?

Also seeing that there is no demo content or starter templates, should in finish building before I bring it over?

Thank you in advance


Hi Marcel,

Switching from X to Pro should have no issue since it uses the same structures and features except for header and footer builder that you need to utilize to achieve that preferred setup.

And yes, if you’re relying on current demos then I recommend finishing that first before switching to Pro. But either way, you can switch back and forth :slight_smile:


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