Woocommerce setup

I am trying to set up a woocommerce store and start migrating my bigcartel products over.

I have the basic woocommerce plugin set up with 0 products as I’ve failed to import as yet.
The import plugin is asking for me to install a folder via in the root directory to my store which should be http://blog.myoshka.com/store/

Connection Bridge files are used to establish a connection between your shopping carts and make the data exchange possible. They are special access gateways that are completely secured by unique Security Tokens bounded to your personal account and provided by Cart2Cart. To work correctly, Connection Bridge folder needs to be located in your store’s root folder.

I’ve placed the folder where the wp_admin, wp_content directories are assuming this IS the root directory.


The plugin fails to see the folder so this must not be in the right location.
Could you tell me what my root directory is if this is not it.

After the store pages are set-up if I edit page I can no longer select page templates so cannot add [ container, header, footer]. They remain as default template even when I amend in the quick edit popup.

When I try and build the page as I normally would in pro I get the following message.

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /nfs/c01/h05/mnt/6582/domains/blog.myoshka.com/html/wp-content/themes/pro/cornerstone/includes/classes/content/class-content-preview-frame.php on line 81

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong and why I am unable to struggling to build the page as I normally would in pro. I’m learning as I go, so hope this is something simple I’m not understanding with how this works in the theme.


Hi there,

The first part of the question is outside of our support scope as we do not know ins and outs of the 3rd party plugin you use for the import. Our theme does not have any functionality base involvement of the Woocommerce and only changes the aesthetic aspects of it. So for the first part of your questions, we are not the correct people to turn into.

For the second part please consider that whatever page you set as your main shop page in Woocomemrce, that page will be auto-generated and you will not be able to use Cornerstone on.

Even in the single product pages, you need to go to X > Settings and enable Cornerstone for products to be able to use. And it only will work with the description section of the product page.

All those pages are auto-generated by the plugin and you can not use our builder for that.

There is a workaround to inject some parts using the method below but it will be considered as a custom development and we can only give the steps how to do but we will not be able to implement the feature for you. Please follow the steps below for more information:

Thank you.

I will look into this solution as it seems like it could work for me on first glance.

Is there a Theme.co recommended e-commerce solution when using with Pro?
Just double-checking - I’m not missing a trick here as I thought woocommerce was the best when initially researching store integration. I’m merging 3 sites into one currently, moving away from wp.com / bigcartel and using a hosted wordpress site with store.

Appreciate your assistance.

Hi There,

Thanks for the update!

Woocommerce is the best option to use in PRO. We don’t have an official recommendation for any other third-party plugins. You can search and try several options available.

Thanks for understanding.

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