Woocommerce conflict with Cornerstone/Pro

Hi, I am having a conflict between the Pro theme and Woocommerce. When the Woocommerce plugin is activated, Cornerstone/Pro Editor will not load. It gives this error message (see screenshot): The preview was unresponsive after loading. This is most often related to a plugin conflict or aggressive page cacheing.

Woocommerce is the only plugin activated. When Woocommerce is deactivated, Cornerstone/Pro Editor works fine.

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Upon checking, it seems that you are using un-supported version of WooCommerce 3.3.5 on the website. As per our version compatibility guide, as of now supported version of WooCommerce is 3.3.3. In that regards, I suggest you to please downgrade WooCommerce to supported version and see how it goes.


Thanks. I have reverted to 3.3.3 and still facing the same compatibility problem.

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I can see that you have reverted WooCommerce to supported version but the problem is still there. I installed WP Server info plugin to see hosting configuration and all seems to be fine. Upon deactivating WooCommerce pro editor works fine.

To further investigate the problem, can you please share FTP details in a secure note?


See secure note

Hi there,

Thank you for the information, I doublechecked the case and the server settings are satisfactory. After many tries, I found out that the Woocommerce is not the only cause. Sometimes I see the same error for the homepage Pro Editor screen while the Woocommerce is deactivated and other plugins are activated.

It seems to be the server slow loading problem. Your server is slow and the Woocommerce plugin is demanding and that is why the builder times out because of the problem.

I am not sure if that is the actual cause, but at the moment you will need to click on the reload button when you see the error many times to have the builder loaded.

In the upcoming release, we improved the timeout process and it will not show the error for slow servers but you will need to wait for the upcoming release.

Meanwhile, I want to mention that you still have the skeleton mode at hand even if you see the error which you can use to do your changes at the moment. For more information please read the Skeleton Mode section of this article.

Thank you.

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