WooCommerce cart icon w mini basket

Yes Hello and thank you in advance. I am hoping you can help with this issue as apparently this may be a Theme question. If you would be good enough to help, it would be awesome. Am I missing something ?

So usually woocommerce themes have a cart icon with a mini basket which keeps on indicating user his products in basket https://www.dropbox.com/s/epcysou3rrffzev/chrome_2019-01-31_20-23-09.png?dl=0

Users usually access it to get to next cart page when they are ready to checkout https://flatsome3.uxthemes.com/

I looked around and could not find one. This will enable

Customer purchases product A and adds the custom information to this
product field then adds to cart.

Customer can still then stay and order more products with different custom
information fields, then add this to same final cart…and so on.

Talk to your theme author to figure out why its not there , usually found in most standard themes.

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Hey Tom,

X does have WooCommerce Cart Price and Items in the Navbar. You can enable that in X > Theme Options > WooCommerce. Enable the Navbar Menu.

In Pro, there is no info in the navigation yet but you can activate a mini cart using Cart elements. This might be available in the future using Directive Parsing. For more details of that planned feature, please see https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/status-report-july-31-2018/39909


Yes hello thank you Christian. I may be missing something but at Theme Options> Woo Commerce > I do not see an option for ‘Enable NavBar’ I am using Renew. I am sure it is right in front of my face but I simply do not see this. Thank you very much.

Hi @tomraffelt,

It’s only applicable for standard and that option is inactive if you have active Pro custom header. With Pro header, I recommend adding cart element. But unfortunately, it’s not the same as the one in the standard header. Try using standard header and enable that option.


Thank you. I believe I may not be explaining this properly as I am not a developer. The folks from Aero replied to me as follows:

Hi Tom,

Slightly confused now.

Enabling a cart icon on top header has no relation to using (or not using Aero).

Now in current state (Aero is not active),users are still not able to navigate freely like they would on a shop and decide at will when to checkout.

For instance if I land on Product A and fill up details and do add to cart , there comes a message on top which proceed to checkout. But if move to another page using navigation. and decide to proceed to checkout I am lost.

Aero would come into play once user reaches checkout. Which is when it shows

  1. Custom templates
  2. Can do multi step checkout flow
  3. Add Custom fields etc
  4. Add social proof and other conversion triggers to thwart Cart Abandonment
  5. Add Order Bumps to increase average order value

So Aero would work once user reaches checkout.

If you can shed insight, that would be so very appreciated.
Thank you so much.

Hello Tom,

What is Aero and and your site URL? I am not sure if you are using a default header or a custom header. We would like to check your site first. Maybe you can share your site details in a secure note so that only you and our staff can see it. To know how to create a secure note, please check this out: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/how-to-get-support/288

Thank you in advance.

Hi @tomraffelt,

The recommendation is about X theme and not for Aero, we thought that you wish to achieve that cart icon in the menu so we just provided the feature existing from X theme. Please contact Aero about the cart icon.

Pro and X theme header has no restriction, it only displays the menu directly pulled from Wordpress. So if they have existing menu integration for Wordpress, it will work okay. The problem would be Aero’s integration and it’s only restricted to menu position (like primary) so it doesn’t work on other menus. Please contact them about the issue and just forget about the previous recommendation, it was meant for X theme and Pro instead of Aero :slight_smile:

I couldn’t also provide some recommendation about Aero as I’m not familiar with the plugin. But as long as it has capability to integrate its cart to specific menu instead of menu position, then it should work.

Or is it still related to cart icons in the menu? Based on your provided information, it’s a bit different to the initial issue being discussed.


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