Woocommerce 3.3 / Themeco out of date, any update?

Hello, Automatic released Woo 3.3 shopping cart update today. This was a theme oriented update. Acccording to the status of Woo, the themeco pro Woo files are out of date. Should we manually update these according to Woo instructions, or should we wait for Themeco to update?

Any eta?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @jmason,

I checked the current version of WooCommerce and it is 3.2.6

That is the version I use in my test site and there’s no outdated template. Please use that version. If WC version 3.3 comes out, you will need to wait for the theme to support the version.



Please see: https://woocommerce.wordpress.com/2018/01/30/woocommerce-3-3-has-been-released/

It is live on many sites because they pushed it in batches over last 24 hours.

Your outdated template files include the following;

I performed a manual conversion. For those of you curious, it takes approximately 10 minutes and the instructions are here:


Thanks for sharing the solution.

But we recommend keeping Woocommerce update up to the latest tested version with the theme to avoid issues.

WooCommerce: | Latest Supported Version: 3.2.3 | KB Article142

Thank you

Mike Jolley over at automattic/woo just released this updated information about 3.3.0

Worth the read of course.




Thanks for sharing that link.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Does the link provided by @Bertussi affect the current and upcoming X/Pro releases - crucially this line…

“In general, we recommend that themes use hooks instead of template overrides.”

Which references:

As I understand X uses template overrides - please correct if wrong; are there plans in place to migrate to the recommend hook approach for Woocommerce?


We haven’t updated woocommerce to that version yet in our system.

As stated by my colleague above the latest supported version is

WooCommerce: | Latest Supported Version: 3.2.3


We’ll be updating it to the latest version soon after extensive testing with our theme.


Thanks @paul.r

Doesn’t answer the quesiton of whether your update to support the latest version shall continue with theme overrides or move to the woocomerce recommended hooks?

Hi there,

At this moment we can not answer your question and it depends on our development team approach upon checking the changes in the version 3.3.1 and see if it is feasible to use the hooks and if it will work as robust as the template override or not. These matters take time and I strongly suggest that you keep using 3.2.x version of the Woocommerce.

We will surely inform about the compatibility in the upcoming release of the theme in our Changelog:


Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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