Will you be creating new version of Classic Elements?

Hello - I am getting into some of the older elements like Classic Cards, etc. The issue I have is that they are pretty simple. As far as the Card element goes, I would be really helpful if I could add a photo to the card. The icons are nice but don’t speak to the products I need to show. Will you be creating modern versions of the classic elements in the future?

Hello Richard,

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I can take it as a feature request to have option to add image to card element. However, for now you can use the solution shared in following thread:


Hi @richexperiences,

Thanks for reaching out to let us know of your interest in this feature. We have already built a new version of the card element that will allow you to specify if your graphic should be an image or icon. It also has more styling customization options as well. This Card element will be part of the next release which we are about to start beta testing. Keep an eye on the changelog and News area so you’ll know as soon as the release is out.

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That’s great to hear. Thank you. Quick question. Have you thought about upgrading the Card element? That’s what I’ve moved to, and that it looks like I’ll be applying to style on my own to each card. I have about 25 of those. :slight_smile:

Hello Richard,

As Alex have mentioned it, we have a new Card element. The classic card element will not have any upgrades or improvement. When the new version is release, you might want to check it and then you can recreate the cards using the new card element.

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My apologies. I was thinking about the Classic Promo element.

No Problem.
If you need anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to open another thread.

Hello again - can I ask a related question. I would love to have a gallery of products(showcase) but when I looked into elements I didn’t see any that could help, other than the Cards or Promos.

I look at the Portfolio options. Am I correct in reading that the demo sites (e.g. http://demo.theme.co/renew-1/portfolio/) are using the WP built-in portfolio structures and simply styled very nicely?

And secondly, how does one start to create a filter-able version like on the demo: http://demo.theme.co/renew-1/portfolio/. I created a test portfolio structure and sample entry. Tha’s all in WP and it doesn’t seem to be hooked into X? I’d love to work with it AND use the Filter options. I don’t know where to start.


Hello Richard,

Thanks for updating in! Are you selling products in your site? If that is the case, we do not recommend using the portfolio. If you are using WooCommerce in handling your shop and its products, then it is most recommended that you use the WooCommerce products shortcode which will allow you to display the products on a page.

If you want something like a grid or gallery-style display of products, you can install the Essential Grid or The Grid plugin. You can get this in X/Pro > Validation > Extensions section.

Hope this helps.

Sounds good. Thank you. I’m still working through all the options of X/Pro and hadn’t even looked at the extensions for that. No products being sold, really. Not yet. We’re a consortium of compatible products and need to showcase the variety. I’m guessing the Grids will be perfect.

Hey Richard,

We have just updated our changelog for the information about the next update that are in best testing right now.



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I will look forward to the next release! :slight_smile: One more question about Grids, etc. What is the easiest way to tell which Grid extension this page is using? Thanks. Can I look at the source easy and see?

Hey Richard,

The portfolio index pages of X are not using any plugin but they are the default style of the stack’s portfolio pages.

If you set the page template as Layout Portfolio, it will automatically be formatted depending on the portfolio page layout of the stack setting of the site.

Hope this helps.

thanks. I still can’t tell how to get a Filter (drop-down list) of categories link . My site is base on Renew. I have almost no formatting on my Portfolio Template.


Hello Richard,

The portfolio filter button is inactive. Please edit your portfolio page and find the “Portfolio Settings”.
For more details about the Portfolios, please check this knowledge base article:

Please let us know how it goes.

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