Wiget side search not working . - overall horrible search experience

hello again im sorry to bother - but my site is lots and lots of products ( nails and beauty ) and i need to sort out the best search experience possible and for a while i thought it was good . . . ( cause im a guy and at my age waiting is not a problem ) - but when i get some girls to try to use the site - they are not happy - the search takes too long - or not at all - the page fails to work -and then on re-load it works -
but not a nice experience at all and maybe thats why my customers are not ordering any more.

so even my side bar - which was working before - i set up to search 3 ways - by category , product search or tags . . so you can see and select in the bar - but then you hit the big red button - and nothing happens -


also they tell me the search on my main menubar ( which is on ubermenu works fine ) -but then the search bar on the bottom takes too long . . and sometimes it fast and sometimes it slow.

Also they are not seeing a search bar at the top - ( which i think i removed as i put it on the ubermenu - ( as a mini icon . ) so on phone and tablet - they will not know about it - unless they hit the menubutton . .so your help is greatly appreciated - and i have tried some search plugins in the past - and removed - as they were slowing down the site load as well - if i remember - wp product search and even another one . . .

so now im confused and do not know which search is best - i also have jetpack set up - and they claim their search is superior . - and im thinking this is the one that is working - but it could be that i turnted it on but did not actually apply to wigents if i needed to - i dont know . .
so confused.

i would like to ask for your recommendations - maybe none are good - please advise - which search you recommend -and how best to set up

simple - fast and responsive.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for writing in!

Unfortunately, we don’t have any official recommendation for such 3rd party search plugins due to the fact that there is no accountability of any issue or can’t provide support for that. The faulty search widget you have is a 3rd party plugin which works as an ajax search, which is why it’s not working.

We would recommend you to please try default search element which is not a product search but will work as standard global search. You can use the search element in a global block and use the Global block shortcode in the widget area.
Please check this for global block help.

Thanks for understanding!

hello again - im cool with anything as long as it works haha - and my site is not pissing off many girls ( they are my customers hahah ) - so i confirm that i did have ajax search , , before . - but i noticed it was wasting a good 1.7 seconds on gt matrix ( yslow ) to load and that for me was a good reason to get rid of it.

so i have no problem using global blocks -
i have no problem setting up the widgets of my side bar and other seach in top and bottom…

my question is how - can i do that -

so i managed to find the widgets and remove what was there before… and i tried to set up new widgets from the ones available in the widget section and the same thing gets set up again with the same problem of not working -

which search widgets can i use - and how can i set them up on the side bar above the meta .


Under Appearance > Widgets , you just need to drag the search widget into your Main Sidebar


hey thanks - im such an idiot - so i treated myself to the woocommere pr search - for 50 quid and i think its very much worth while -cause the search is responsive - and brings up a list of results with also the add to cart button - which works for me . My only issue is i have bottom search working fine i think . . . but top search is with uber menu - and i need to figure out what the custom content is to generate the search as the widget … cause i created a sub menu text . .but i dont know what to put in it haha

at the moment its [woocommerce_product_search] which does a normal search - but i can not see in the widgets the code i need for the same search as i have in my footer search bar - which works fine.

I recommend to others to get the pro woo commerce search if they want their customers to get a better search experience :}


Thanks for sharing,

I assume it’s now fixed using pro woocommerce search plugin :slight_smile:

As for Ubermenu, you could only integrate the simple one as search like the one from pro search could break it. Maybe doable but would require custom development. I recommend contacting the author of your pro search for Ubermenu integration.

The one in the footer is Woocommerce widget, it’s not ajax so it works just standard search.


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