Why are there TWO vertical scroll bars on my home page?

Some one just pointed out that there are 2 vertical scroll bars on mozartorchestra.org home page. Why is that and how do I get rid of that?

Hello Ami,

Thanks for writing in! I have checked your homepage and I am not seeing any double scrollbars. This is what I am seeing:

Please send us a screenshot so that we will have an idea of what you are seeing in your browser.

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This is the right side of the home page = 2 scroll bars. Please look at the upper corner, with the arrows. You can move the bars up and down, just a little. Currently, Blue Host, our hosting service has the rest of my site down, except the home page. I hope you can help.

Here is a better image, from a different browser of the 2 scroll bars.

Hello Ami,

I have tested your site with Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge and Brave browsers. All of them display only one scrollbar. I am on MacOS by the way. Which browser and operating system are you using?


Chrome, Firefox and Brave on Windows 10, 64 bit, OS buid 19044.1889. Could the second scroll bar be from the Slider Revolution?

Hi Ami,

I have also checked your website in the Chrome browser on Windows 10 but didn’t find the second scrollbar like my colleague.

If you are still seeing the double scrollbar, that appears only if some of the elements are taller or similar in height to their container. I would suggest you check by deleting the sections one by one till the issue is fixed, and the last one you have deleted before the fix is the actual issue. The Bars of the Header and the Footer also can be a problem, if deleting section does not work, please check by deleting the Bars one by one.

Hope it helps.

Please show a graphic example of a container/element size disparity issue that is causing the double scroll bar.

Hey Ami,

I can see the issue and the cause is some elements in your footer exceed the height of your Bar. It’s usually best to set the Bar’s height to auto.

If you really need a fixed height bar, set the Bar’s Overflow to Hidden like in this similiar thread Scrolling interruptions


Can you illustrate your findings with a few screen shots, please…

Hey Ami,

To be exact, it’s the Container of the 2nd Bar that is causing the issue. It’s Height is 100px while your Bar’s Height is 75px.

Thank you Mr. C. The issue WAS in one of the footers! Thanks much!

Hey Ami,

You’re welcome! If you have any other concerns or clarifications regarding our theme features, feel free to open up a new thread.

Thank you.

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