Why am I only being allowed to add classic section? I need a V2 section!

I have an old page, entirely created on the V1 days. Now, I need to update it, and am trying to add new sections, to convert some of the old sections over to V2. I had been doing this throughout the website, but for this one page, CS will only offer me classic.

Here is a video of what it looks like;

What could it be? I wish there was an automated tool to convert everything over!


Hello @flashfog,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Please make sure to select Enable all V2 elements under X > Settings > Permissions > Macros. In case problem is still three, please share website login details along with page URL in secure note for us to take a closer look.


it works! great, thank you!

Question; can unused macros be turned off, to increase performance?

Hello @flashfog,

Thanks for updating the thread.

Yes, you can click on the icon before the element name to turn it off. However, to increase performance of website you can take a look at our performance optimization guide.


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