Which element for customer review

Hey there,
I’d like to build customer review section. It should look similar to the one on this screenshot

Any idea which element could I use to achieve this as easy as possible?

thank for our help!

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in!
You can make it using text and heading element in side a column.
Column should have the shadow and rounded corner with white background and position should be in custom CSS.

For the comment you can use text element and for the photo and name you can use heading element with graphics and subheading option.

Hope this helps!

thank you! So you would recommend two rows with two columns each for the review boxes and one additional row with two columns, the left one being filled with the video?

Hi @zerotoone.de,

Yes, I think that would be a good solution. If in any case, you want a nested Rows which hen you can use the additional columns you can consider using the Global Blocks.

But please consider that you finally need additional Custom CSS code to fine tune the positioning of the boxes.

Thank you.

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