Where are the shortcodes?

Hi guys,

i cant find the shorcodes or any plugin to install it? where are they?

warm regards Kim

Hi there,

You can reenable the shortcode generator when you go to X > Cornerstone > Show Legacy Shortcode Generator.

Hope this helps.

thx Jade, i was acctully looking fro this one: X Theme Lightbox functionality.
i thougt it was in the shortcodes it was not :frowning_face: any ideas were could be?

warm regards Kim

Hey There,

Thanks for writing in! Out of the box, there is no lightbox functionality. You will have to install a 3rd party lightbox plugin or use the responsive lightboox shortcode. Please see the demo here:

Hope this helps.

i am using x theme and cant find the responsive lightboox shortcode?

any ideas?

Hi There,

Please take a read on this article on how to implement the lightbox.

Hope it helps


your response is superb, but is very overwhelming your theme. i have bought lots of themes from theme forest and never had difficulties to understand them.

With your theme i have no clue even how to find the shorcodes to add to a page, is something i am missing here?
i have no shortcodes any where do i´need to install a plugin?

please advice!

Regards Kimberley

Hi Kimberley,

I will give you a more broad vision of X.

X is indeed a unique theme in many aspects.

If you want to work with shortcodes, you can, in some cases, light the lightbox specifically it is necessary to use the shortcodes. Shortcodes can be inserted on WP Admin classic editor or using our page builder Cornerstone. On Cornerstone you would add shortcodes to RAW CODE ELEMENTS or TEXT ELEMENTS.

That said, when building your website with X, you dont need to use shortcodes really often as our page builder offer visual elements that can be assembled code free.

If you haven´t used Cornerstone yet, I do reccomend you to watch a couple of tutorials on our Knowledge Base and Youtube and start to work with it, it is a brilliant page builder that will allow you to build amazing layouts in blazing fast speed.

Here is the link to our Knowledge Base : https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/knowledge-base-overview/287

On this page you will find Cornerstone Tutorials and a list with all our shortcodes.

You dont need to install anything to have shortcodes working, you do need to have the plugin Cornerstone active, it will install itself, it is necessary that this plugin is active even if you decide to not use it.

When building sites with X I usually choose a demo to start from on WP Admin > X

After that I go to X > Theme Options to adjust the general styling of the website, like logo, button colors, trypogrphy etc…

And than I start to tweak the existing demo pages or build new ones with Cornerstone.

If you have further questions, please let us know

Thank you

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