What FORM Plugin Works With Cornerstone?

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to insert and use a FORM Plugin to work with Cornerstone as either shot code or via a widget on top of my WordPress.

I wish to use this on my Contact Us Page with the fields such as Name, Telephone, Email etc.

Can you please recommend a FORM plugin that works with Cornerstone as the last one I used does not seem compatible.

Many thanks,

Simon Davies

Hi Simon,

Thank you for reaching out to us. The supported / compatible form plugins are Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms, you can checkout the list of bundled and supported plugins here https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/troubleshooting-version-compatibility/195

Hope this helps!

Thank you brother and I’ll take a look now!



FYI: Contact Form 7 works fine using short code and Cornerstone.


Hey Simon,

Yes it should work fine and thank you for letting us know.


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