Website redesign with Xtheme


I have a client who has an antique website and would like a redesign. Site structure would be the same.
What is the best way to do this?
Also concerned about loosing years of SEO ;(

Your advice is appreciated.

Hello Isabelle,

Thanks for writing in!

I checked the website and you can use X Theme to redesign the layout and appearance of the theme. As the structure (in terms links and content) are going to be same (assuming) there should not be any issues on SEO front.

As you are using X Theme, I would suggest you to take a look at our demo contents pages and see which one fits the requirement closely.

I would also suggest you to take a look at our KB section as it has extensive resources to help you get started with X Theme and Cornerstone.

In case you face any issues, please create a new ticket and someone from support team will help you out.


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Thank you for your reply, Ethos is pretty close to what we are looking for with some customization.
I’ve done a few site with X but never a copy of an existing site (same site structure/navigation/content).
Dumb questions, do I have to re-enter SEO or will they transfer?
Can I try backing up the site and loading data in dev site with Xtheme/Cornerstone and see what happens?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Isabelle,

Actually, the SEO part of the site goes beyond the scope of our support especially if you are using a third party plugin for it.

However, if you duplicate the entire site and move it somewhere else, all the info that are in the database should be carried out.

Yes, definitely. This is advisable so that you will be able to make the changes without disrupting the live site.

Hope this helps.

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It does help, thank you.

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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