Website receiving errors after migration

Hi there,

I tried searching through the forums to find fix, but I wasn’t able to.

I built my website on a different domain. It was working fine, all the icons were showing, images were loading. Then once I migrated the website to the primary domain for the website to go live, I received many errors. I was hoping you could take a look to see why the errors.

Old website: - Inspect element and you’ll see no errors

New website: - Inspect element and you’ll see many errors:

Many are similar to this “Access to Font at ‘’ from origin ‘’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘’ is therefore not allowed access.”

Something to do with CORS?

Please help

Hi There @adjokic

Thanks for writing in! It could be related to your server’s CORS policy. Could you please try following our guide here ( and see if that resolves your issue.

Also make sure that you have migrated correctly by following our guide here (


Hi there,

I’ve followed the guide and now the error pops up only sometimes. It’s very weird. When you type in, no CORS error pops up. But when I search for zookdisk on, and click on the top link (which is then the CORS error pops up.

Why could that be happening?

I just learned this, and I hope this helps figuring out the issue.

when I type in, the error does not appear. When I type in, then the error appears.

What do you think could be the cause?


Hi @adjokic,

I just checked and I don’t see any CORS error on both www and non-www version of your site. Have you fixed it?

Else, you should only use one form or your URL, www or non-www, and redirect one to your preferred URL. Like redirect the non-www to www once user accessed. In fact, Wordpress should automatically do it since it’s your base URL.

Would you mind providing your login credentials in a secure note? I just like to check your URL configuration. And whats your preferred URL, is it or


Hi there, I prefer

when i visit I still receive the CORS error and the arrows on the header slider and product solutions slider are showing little boxes where the arrow are supposed to be.

Let me know how this goes,

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Hi @adjokic

I’ve checked your website and I couldn’t reproduce this issue, this is how I can see your website without the www, please check:

I can’t see any CORS error in the console and the arrows are appearing just fine.

Please try checking your website on different browsers, also make sure to clear your browser cache and recheck this issue.


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