Website Crashed after X Update | Cornerstone not working

After updating to the latest version of X, my website is down. I would appreciate any help! I have access to the dashboard but I am not able to edit any pages through Cornerstone. :tired_face:

I am receiving the following error when I attempt to edit any page through Cornerstone:

The preview HTML did not include a closing ; tag. It may fail to load or work properly.

Hi There @juanaaroncastillo

Thanks for writing in! When investigating your issue further, I see that you’re getting a white screen when loading the homepage of your website. White screen usually means a PHP fatal error which you need to troubleshoot by enabling your WP_DEBUG mode (

Further, I have checked your server configurations and I see that your PHP memory limit is set to 256MB which could be one of the reasons that you’re getting a PHP fatal error. I would suggest you to increase PHP memory limit by following our guide here and re-test your issue again.

In case if you’re getting further issues, please follow our general troubleshooting guide here to isolate your issue further.

Let us know how it goes.

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