Want image hyperlink to open in popup, rather than new window

Hello, fantastic ThemeCo support folks!

I am trying to get a clickable image to open a link in a popup window. (The link is to a page off my domain.) The image element provides an “open in new window” option, but not a popup.

In the first screenshot below, please see the Custom Headline “Brain Pickings: Oscar Wilde…” above an image of Oscar Wilde (circled in red). I would like both the headline and the image to open the linked page in a popup when clicked. I’ve written the Custom Headline in html to open the link in a popup window (see second screenshot). I would like clicking the image to open a similar popup as well, instead of opening in a new window.

Is there a way to do this? Perhaps with javascript, or by creating a class which I can add to the image?

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Hi there,

Thank you for writing in. I suggest that you use the Lightbox Shortcode besides the Image element to have that popup functionality. For more information:

Hope it helps.

Thanks - wonderful! Got that working.

I’m using lightbox_video=“true” within the image shortcode and it works, even though the link is to a web page (no video). Is there another lightbox designation I should be using here?

X lightbox supports images and videos only. Other content types might work but are not supported and would require custom development to enhance.