Visual composer licensed version installation

Hi guys , in trying to solve issues with visual composer - I have purchased a licence for this plug-in.

Unfortunately I am unable to activate the license unless I uninstall the xtheme PRO version of VC.

As we have installed custom code to get this plugin to display and operate how we want - I am ‘guessing’ uninstalling the PRO version of VC will also delete custom code.

Could you please let me know - if this is the case , how to go about retaining the custom code and to keep the changes we have made and still install the licensed version. Or please advise if installing the licensed version of VC is not recommended.

Hi there,

Unfortunately, the original version of the VIsual Composer is not compatible with our theme. To make the VC compatible we did change some aspects of the code.

The only thing I can think of is that you do the customization on our version of the plugin. But you need to keep the customization and do it again on each VC release from our side.

Needless to say that Cornerstone is the builder which we encourage to use. You can customize Cornerstone if needed, although it is out of our support scope, we have a good getting started article:

Thank you.

Hi Guys ,

We did want to use cornerstone for this however themeco suggested we use visual composer for the desired outcome as cornerstone did not supply an element we needed to really get the desired outcome.

If I am understanding correctly , this means that we need to discard the licensed version of Visual Composer & use the one provided within the package - & update the code manually each update / release ?

If this is correct, (it is obviously more annoying) but doable for sure ! however it leaves us with the issue of the current visual composer tabs - that were initially problematic - yet were fixed with customisation - behaving as they were originally, where they are not displaying correctly.

Please reference Lely’s support links here for example of this here

I include the above to show why this is problematic and that there is another support article in progress that ties in with this query for working on a resolve, ( so we aren’t crossing over on two tickets ) - as it has been an ongoing issue that we were SO so close to having resolved until this juncture with VC needing an update.

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! To know how we have integrated Visual Composer in X, please check out this articled:

If you want to use the vanilla version of VC, you will need to disable X integration. Simply go to Visual Composer > X Integration and disable it.

If you need anything else we can help you with, please let us know.