Video source missing and some other questions

I bought X theme a while ago but could not finish my website with it. But now i am back and trying to finish it this time just because i think i can do so much with this Theme but still i feel very overwhelming by the contents. Are there any tutorials for X theme?

For my Portfolio page, One of my videos does not show as feature video. I have been searching and reading the solutions that you provide but still don’t get this. My website is

Also, i current theme is set to INTEGRITY, isn’t there a way to switch to RENEW theme?

Thank you so much for your support

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in!

Integrity, Ethos, Renew and Icon are stacks which were built in the theme. You can switch between these stacks in X > Theme Options > Stack.

To resolve your portfolio featured video, please review more about the portfolio, the portfolio items and how you can properly set this. Perhaps this article could help you:

For more tutorials in using X theme, you can always check out our knowledge base:

Or check out this youtube channel:

Hope this helps.

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