Video Lightbox - but also autoplay?


I am using this code to play video in a Lightbox after clicking on a “skin” image.

[image class=“my-video” src=“” link=“true” href=“” lightbox_video=“true”]
[lightbox selector=“"]

It works… BUT I want to add in autoplay=“1” because there is a play button in my sen, so it wold be great of it could autoplay…

autoplay=“1” is ignored.

So there must be a different shortcode to use??

Thanks so much.

Hi There,

Please try it like this:

[lightbox selector=".my-video"]```

Hope this helps.

Thank you, I will try that now.

But also, I need further help in this, because the client has said that on her PC, the vids are either not playing at all, or they are not streaming. She has tried on several browsers. But what is strange is that I have tested on a PC in the same browsers and it was fine.

Previously, we have the vids on youtube and we used the same shortcode but we were directing to the youtube location. We now want to keep all within the site so we are playing the vids locally.

The client says she looks at videos in other sites all the time and it is fine.

Can you think of anything that might be happening her to cause this that I can fix?

Using the above shortcode for a locally hosted video file, os the default behaviour that it should stream?



I tried to access the video directly and it is password protected.

Try to give him the video url and see if he can access it