Video Lighbox showing other pages


  1. I have an image button that opens a video lightbox. When inside the lightbox, other pages are being shown to the right of the video. How do I remove this, so that the lightbox only shows the video?

  2. Also, I was wondering if there is a way to make the video play where the image is without a lightbox. In other words, have the large hero image be replaced by the video when the button is pressed.

Thanks so much!

Hi There,

1 - On Your Hero image at the moment there is no lightbox, can you clarify which image you are referring to?

2- The only option would be to use a video element instead.

Hope it helps

Thanks for the reply. When you press the Play button that is above the “Fitness Therapy” headline, it brings up a lightbox…

Hi Bradley,

Kindly check if the lightbox shortcode you have is this:

[image src="" link="true" href="" lightbox_video="true"]

This should just open one lightbox without the next and previous items.

You may find more info here.

Hope this helps.

I have just posted about an issue with unrelated page content coming up as the next item, when it should be just the one video in the lightbox …

and also a related issue on another page where I have 3 vids next to each other, and a unique selector for each, which should allow just that vid to play in the lightbox, but the others are coming up as well…

I have provided my code in these other posts… which is correct as per your example above.

I understand that we can hide the next and previous using: .ilightbox-holder.ilightbox-next, .ilightbox-holder.ilightbox-prev {
display: none !important;

BUT - this doesn’t help with this bug because that just hides the next prev items but they are still there which means user can scroll to them – and especially problematic when you have autopay=1 set … because it tries to play the multiple videos at once so you hear all different soundtracks at the same time!

Surely having a unique selector per image should allow just that one vid to play in the lightbox .otherwse what it the point of having the ability to set a unique selector for the lightbox? There is a comment in this thread from your staff saying that only one vid is possible per lightbox, I am finding the opposite is true!

Please help, thanks.

UPDATE - I solved this … it was to do with quote marks … I sometimes copy and paste the code into a new email to keep it handy, and this was sometimes changing the format of just one quote mark and this was enough to break all LB vids on that page … if anyone has trouble with lightboxes check that.

Glad to hear that. Have a nice day! :slight_smile: