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how do I get a video background set up in SliderRevolution to go all the way to the top as on this website.

Right now all I can get it to do is this:

Many thanks,

Hi Houston,

Thank you for writing in, your slider has already a background-video, while your example site has only an image background (, would you mind to clarify what you’re trying to do?

You can also utilize the Slider Settings: Below Masthead feature for adding a slider with background-video underneath the header.


Sorry, i sent the wrong link. I mean to send this one.

Hey Houston,

The navigation overlay is easy to achieve in Pro. Just set your Bar’s Initial Position to Absolute and for your Bar’s Content to span fullwidth, make sure the Content Length is 100%.

Also use the Blank No Container | Header Footer page template so you won’t get any space on top of your content.

Hope that helps.

Will this conflict at all with one page navigation?

Hi @Houston,

One page navigation uses fixed positioning which is equivalent to Sticky option. It shouldn’t be affected unless you turn off the Sticky option.


This does not seem to work. I made all the changes you said but still no go. :frowning: i also double checked to make sure the background on the Bar, containers, and elements were all transparent. Still the video shows up BELOW the navigation.

Hi @Houston,

In that case, please provide your admin login credentials in the secure note. I checked the code and the background of the header bar is still #ffffff (white).


I did see where the background is still set to WHITE. So I have changed that but the video still does not go to the top. It goes about half way into the navigation now.

Hello @Houston,

I have tried to log in using the given WP details. It is not working for me. The password seems invalid. Well anyway, to resolve your issue, please edit the page back in Pro editor and remove the top padding of your first section. The reason why the slider did not go over to the top is because of the default top padding of the section.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

That did the trick. I have a few more questions but I will create a new post for those. Thank you again for the VERY quick responses.

You’re welcome!
We’re glad we were able to help you out.

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