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My website is currently on X-theme. I am eligible to upgrade to Pro for free. I have done many customization of my website which I have implemented through the X Child theme (functions.php, style.css and other templates in child theme)

  1. My question is if I upgrade to Pro will it require a lot of work to re-do the customization?
  2. How is Pro superior to X, which should make me upgrade to Pro?


In pro the only difference is you can modify headers and footers as you want…it’s amazing but you’ll need to take some time to understand the working. Cornerstone and creating pages are the same…
As long as your mods are in the child theme there’s nothing to worry about but I do suggest you backup first.
Also good to know that if you don’t like the new pro header and footer you can still use the old header and footer you know from X

If you like tweaking you’ll love pro

Check this video out to see the Apple Menu re-created

@TheDude, thank you for your help.

@TheDude is correct. Please also check this article: https://theme.co/blog/say-hello-to-x-five-and-pro-one/

Regarding customization, as long you have used the child theme, it is easy to transfer. Feel free to download PRO child theme from your dashboard and then move your customize templates. Also note, that there’s some changes on footer and header file structures so you might need to update that too, but that is only applicable if you customize those files.

Using PRO, we have the freedom to built our own header/footer the way we want it using the header/footer builder. In X, the design and structure is already set per stack, we just need to tick on and off some settings.

Please check videos first on how Pro works from knowledge base here.

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my pleasure Lely. I <3 Xpro a lot and can’t wait for the new updates…

Coming soon, stay tuned!