Upgrade license to pro for development site only?

I’ve got an X license that’s currently installed on a production site. I’d like to have access to X Pro via upgrading the license but I’m not sure what effect that might have on the currently live production site. I’m interested in using the Pro license for development only at this point - with the goal of eventually moving a site that’s not using X at all to X Pro in the future.

What’s the best course of action to take? If it matters, the development/testing would be on localhost using XAMPP and the production site is hosted on a ubuntu server.

Hey there,

If you’ve bought X prior to the launch of Pro, you are eligible to download a trial of Pro. Please go to your Dashboard and scroll way down and you’ll see this notice.

If you don’t see that, you need to buy a Pro license.


Xian, I do see the notice and I am eligible for the conversion.

My question, however, is will converting a license that is in use cause a problem for a site that uses the license but continues to use the original X theme not the X Pro theme?

Hi There,

When we convert current X license to Pro, we cannot use it anymore on X theme. That will be a PRO license already. This is why you have Download Pro Trial in there. You can try Pro theme without converting current X license and if you like it, feel free to convert.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, Lely! I’ll give it a go!

You are most welcome. We suggest you to refer our knowledgebase documentation to familiarize yourself with Pro: