Updates in customize dont stick

Hello! I have recently started to experience a bug on my x theme. Most changes I make in the customize area wont stick when you leave it. For example, I want to make sure the header is fixed, but as soon as a leave the customize area it goes back to being static. Is there anything you guys know I can do about this?

Hi There,

Please use X | Theme Options instead.

Let us know how it goes!

Well there is another bug here actually :slight_smile: sometimes when I try to update a page through cornerstone this warning message comes up.

Hi there,

It could be different factors that is causing the issue you have mentioned.

Kindly check this article with some troubleshooting information:

I disabled my facebook plugin, and all the bugs disapeared. So there we go :slight_smile: Do you guys know about a good facebook plugin that is compatible with your theme?

Hello @jacobkistner,

Thanks for updating thread. :slight_smile:

Any plugin that is well coated and follows the WordPress coding standards should work absolutely fine with X Theme. I would suggest you to search for a different plugin on wordpress.org plugin repository. Another source that you can check out is Codecanyon. However, please note that on Codecanyon is a platform to distribute premium plugins.



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