Uncaught TypeError

Hi. I'm getting this error when building a page using Cornerstone.

It only seems to be happening when I try to insert a "classic gravity form"

Can anybody point me in the right direction with this?


Is it possible that another version of jQuery is loading on the site? If you can add login credentials in a secure note we can take a closer look.

Thanks Alex, I've sent you a secure note.


Thanks! Can you please update the role to administrator? I can't get in to try the builder or test anything right now.

Oops, now admin :slight_smile:

Thanks! Meanwhile, I've spent a bit of time looking into this more broadly in the theme itself. I've seen this problem come up a few time recently with various plugins active. I've made some changes and the next release won't include jquery.easing so we should be in the clear.

I've checked your site and if you deactivate AJAX Uploader for Gravity Forms the content builder becomes accessible again. I'm not sure why but for some reason they override the browsers error handler and replace it with that alert message.

Once the release is out (could be out later today) this should no longer be a problem.

Thanks Alexander.

Did you make any changes at all? Cornerstone doesn't now appear to be loading on any page, and various things (such as layersliders) have disappeared from the page blocks?


Actually, I think that's down to Fast Velocity Minify being activated - I need to tell it to ignore a script, I just don't recall which one at the moment.


I didn't change anything. Makes sense though - minification plugins often cause issues like that. The latest release is now available. It's not on automatic updates but you can update manually. Automatic updates will likely be available Monday.

Thanks Alexander

I'm using a child theme - Shall I simply replace the old x folder with the new x folder?


I would recommend deleting the old version altogether. That way everything is installed fresh.

Also, after X is updated, delete Cornerstone from your plugins page. Then when you visit X > Validation it will automatically install the updated version of Cornerstone as well.

Thanks Alexander, I updated it last night and all was well.

I have another issue though - not sure if I should post this in a new ticket? Basically I can't preview Gravity Forms or Layersliders in Cornerstone?


Hello Al,

Most of the 3rd party will no longer display in the Live Preview. Kyle wrote an article about this change which will take in effect in X 6.0, Pro 4.0 and Cornerstone 3.0. Please read this article for more information:


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