Unable to stack variation in Woocommerce

Morning Team!

thank you for taking the time to read this post; straight up might be an odd ball for the day. I am attempting to make my web store for my website. I am attempting to make it look like the one found in this link (almost exactly; just with different theme look and options):

I want to be able to have them answer one drop down and/or make a selection and be given a specific followup question all the way until they have it all and want to hit the buy button. The idea is to make the process a seamless flow that walks them through the purchase and not have a bad user experience.

I have watched more videos then I know how to retain, and none of them are of anything except adding sizes and colors to shirts. We aren’t selling shirts. We are selling a service for their weapons. I just need a direction to research in. I just don’t even know what questions to ask YouTube and google to get the answers i’m looking for.

Thank you, and i’m sorry.

My site:

Hi Stephanie,

The feature that you are looking for is a huge deal of customization and it is not something that a none developer can implement.
The method that I can think of is to use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to be able to create custom fields and steps that you want and assign them to a single product to show.
The Advanced Custom Fields is a premium plugin, but luckily as you use the X theme you have access to the plugin via our plugin bundle. For more information click here.
I suggest that you read up on the Advanced Custom Fields and then search their support forum for more detailed information. For example, I found this one that might be of help.

Please consider that this is the most we can be of help as this is a customization request and outside of our support scope.

Thank you.

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