Ubermenu - down arrow showing submenu for top menu item looks weird when link on a page is clicked

Hello. For desktop view, our website at www.thumbprintbooks.ca has a submenu for items on the Portfolio page. Normally, the submenu is indicated by a down arrow to the right of PORTFOLIO in the menu. However, whenever an active link is click on, the down arrow to the right of PORTFOLIO turns into a box with characters inside it. You can see this by going to the Home page and clicking on one of the MORE buttons. If you click on a menu item at the top of the page, the box turns into a down arrow. Do you know what I should do to make sure the down arrow is always displayed?

Hi there,

Ubermenu uses the Font Awesome to show that kind of arrows and stuff. The homepage does not have any problems, but the portfolio page throws the error below on my browser console:

/portfolio/#AccordionBook:1 Access to Font at '.../wp-content/plugins/ubermenu/assets/css/fontawesome/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff?v=4.7.0' from origin '-' has been --blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '-' is t--herefore not allowed access.

The error is about the CORS policy on your server which you can fix following the steps below:

Thank you.

Thanks for pointing me to that article. Actually, the problem was related to migrating the site from the development URL to the “live” URL. The links that were causing the problem with the Font Awesome icon were pointing to the development site. Once the links were corrected, the Font Awesome icon is working fine.


Glad to know you were able to figure it out.

For future reference please take note of the link to our Migration Guide.


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