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I have 10 sites on a multi-site and I put Uber Menu on a few of the sites. One of the uber menus, when one-page navigation was selected, lost the background. If I browse to hard pages not on the one page, ubermenu works fine but on the selected home page, it does not. The site is http://ignitioncapitalcorp.com/
http://ignitioncapitalcorp.com/contact has the correct menu.

Hi Simon,

I checked the given URLs, and I see no One Page Navigation. There is the home page, Contact page, and the Team page.

Would you please kindly give us more detailed information about the problem that you are experiencing? By background, you mean the red color of the menu? Would you please give us screenshots of the behavior that you see which you think is not correct?

Meanwhile, I think it does not matter if you are using a multisite or not, as it is a matter of front end. The only thing that I can suggest at this stage is, to make sure you do not have duplicate IDs for your one page. And if you use the UberMenu, you should not use our One Page functionality mentioned here.

Thank you.

Thank you, Christopher. I had given up on the one page. I had set up the one page with custom links using /#about etc. I see that you recommend using CSS classes instead. Was I doing this wrong?
The problem was, as soon as I set the one page to the default in settings, the background would disappear as if all menu tabs were the active tabs at once.
So, using Uber menu is not recommended when doing a one page site?

Hi Simon,

Actually, Uber Menu does support one-page navigation system. I think it is called scroll to in the Uber Menu world. I personally did not use that feature so I cannot comment on that, but I have found good documentation that you can use to implement the feature:

Regarding your comment about the CSS classes:

It is not recommended to use CSS classes for one-page navigation; instead, it is better to use CSS IDs. The CSS ids are unique, and you should use them only once in a page, so the common problem on one-page navigation is that there are more than one instances of the ID used and that confuses the menu item active state.

Kindly make sure that you have only one ID per menu item. Thank you.

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