Two questions ~ site cleanup and pop-up windowed text

Hi, I am very new to this and would love some help in two main areas regarding the creation of my site found here:

A bit of background before I go into the questions: I am taking over the website for my Grandparent’s refugee fund and in doing so, recreating the site on a newer, more user friendly platform. Most of the current content is taken from the old site found here:
on to the questions…

  1. I would like to get rid of the large header text on each page such as “Home”, “Who We Are”… etc.
    I am also trying to get rid of the grey lines that are below that text but I figure its probably connected

  2. This second question regards the Enotes Page.
    I currently have the pictures hyperlinked to a landing page from the old site and obviously this needs to change. I am fine with the picture set-up as is, but I want to click the picture and have a bubble of text pop up that contains the ‘enote’. I would also like to be able to add media in the pop up. Here is an example of what I want

Thank you so much in advance.

Hi @Dybs,

Thanks for writing in.

In your X > Theme Options > CSS, Add this code below:.

  1. You could easily achieve that task or customization using the plugin Essential Grid.


Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


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Hi Nico,

Thank you very much. The code worked for removing the unwanted bits. I’m having a bit of trouble finding Essential Grid and The Grid plugins though…

This is the first result:

Is that the correct one?

Thanks again

Hi There,

No not that, Essential Grid and The Grid are standalone plugins. Not an element of Cornerstone, of course, you’ll get the Essential Grid and The Grid element for adding your grid on your page, but it has a separate panel for creating your grid.

You can install those under X > Validation > Extensions, look for the The Grid or Essential Grid whichever you want to use and install it.

Here’s the official documentation of those extensions.

Extension - The Grid
Extension - Essential Grid

Hope this shed some lights,

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Found them, thanks a bunch! Will mess around in there according to the first comment’s instructions and come back if I get stuck again.

You’re most welcome! Let us know :slight_smile:

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