Tutorials for Beginners

I have been stumbling and experimenting with creating my own site with literally zero experience.

I feel like there are some very basic things that the community knows how to work with that I am clueless about or even aware is an option.

Are there any tutorial videos, documents or something that can just outline how to work in the theme?

I see things like “ID” “Class” and “Style” at the bottom of every element, and I have no idea what I can do with those. It seems like I might be able to do some things like edit fonts for specific items without changing the whole site, but I honestly don’t know.

Any help pointing me towards these would be awesome and I can save the support from lots of really basic questions!

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Hello @jmprebish,

Thanks for writing in!

I suggest you to please walk-through our knowledgebase. It has comprehensive articles along with bunch of videos to help you get started with Theme and bundled plugins.


I think this is what I was looking for thanks!

Cool, feel free to get in touch with us regarding any further queries about the Pro, X|Theme and Cornerstone.


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