Tutorial or Guidance, Help!

Is there any video tutorial available with the new X Theme interface? Every youtube video I found is over a year old and is way different than the current customization options.

Hi There,

Thanks for asking!

We are really sorry but there is no official video tutorial for the new/old elements.
We have a detailed knowledge base for each and every element.

If you can ask any specific question related to any element we can help you on this.


It would be really helpful to have such videos, they were obviously considered useful a year ago.

The issue with organising your Knowledge base by Topic, is that I have to be able to work out the Topic from the functionality I am looking to work with, so by way of example I am looking to replace a 3rd party Lightbox plugin with a Native X function, but I have spent ages trying to work out where to find the correct element…

Hi @Fairbanking,

Actually, that is a fair point. At the moment we have the knowledge base listing as the page that my colleague already mentioned, also you can see all the knowledge base articles as a form listing in the link below:

Also recently checked out knowledge base articles and an updated text version of them. Will be Shirley updates regarding the videos soon but at the moment you can rely on the text-based content.

Thank you for your active engagement and sharing your point of view.

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