Turning a section into a bloc?

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Question 1: Let say I have designed a section that I like on a page. I know I can save it as a template, but let say I want it to be updated across all the pages which display this section? Should I create a bloc for it? Would a bloc updated would then update on all pages? And if all the answers are yes - Is there an easy way for me to transform this section into a bloc?


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Thanks for writing in! Both method will work, if you save it as template you’ll need to import the template in all pages. Similarly if you create a Global Block then you can add the Global Block anywhere in the page.

An easy way would be the Global Block method. Just create a block and add it in all of your page. To transform a section into a Global Block you must save it as a template first then create a global block and load that template.

To learn more about Global Blocks, please see https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/global-blocks/24723

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Hey - I am a bit confused about the template and blocks.
I add created sections, let say, for contact us and location on about page. I has customized the styles in that pages’ css.
I saved it as a template, then in General block, loading the templates, I created two blocks for the two sections (contact us and location).

Now when I include them on the about page, as global block, so that any data/styling changes affecting these sections can be updated on all pages where they are used. But when I inserted them as elements>global blocs>bloc-contact-us, inside a new section, all the styling is completely gone.

What am I doing wrong?

Edit: Actually, it only breaks apart and make the page super hard to work with in Cornerstone, but seems okay when I preview the page in a browser… — ??

Hi @NuConnect,

I just tried it on my installation and all CSS added to custom CSS section, element CSS, or styling options are carried to the page where the global block is inserted.

Would you mind providing your site’s URL and Admin login credentials in a secure note? And please provide more information of the styling that’s not being applied.


See my edit above - it seems to be breaking everything in cornerspace but not on the site when you view in browser… it becomes very very hard to then fix the page or add content as the mouse pointer seems to be clicking on anything…
Do you still need admin credentials?

Hi There,

Yes, please send us URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.

Thank you.

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