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Hi, I am a very newbie trying too get to grips with Portfolio Features. I have created a page as per the December 17 KB article and then have created the portfolio items, I am using two categories for testing. when i display the portfolio page, I am seeing all of the images, but there is no page title nor is there any filtering.

Also how do I modify the mask that comes across the image when I mouse over?


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Have you check this documentation already?

I am not sure of what stack are you using. Could you please provide the url of your portfolio page so that we can help you modify the mask on the item.

You may need to check out the different portfolio layouts:

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the url is I am using the Renew stack, Once the user clicks on an image, I want them to be able to be able to step through/back image by image if that is possible - Integrity

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Please add the portfolio gallery in your portfolio item and make sure that you have selected to display the gallery as the media type in your portfolio item. You can find this setting when you edit your Portfolio item > Portfolio Item Settings.

To know more how you can add a portfolio gallery in your portfolio item, please check out “Post Format and Portfolio Galleries in X” in this article:

Hope this helps.

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