Trying to Match X Theme Integrity Posts

Hi I am trying to match X Theme - Integrity Posts as close as possible. Right now things are not quite the same and I am looking to make sure I am making posts correctly. Specifically here is my blog page:

As you can see the hover over is for me red Not black like it is here on Integrity same page:

Also you will note that the Integrity theme has the audio clips as playable from the main blog page where as mine they do not show up as playable only when you click on them and then you can play them from the page. Why is this? Also this may be a clue… If you go to the actual page of an audio post on Integrity you will notice on the side bar they are red just like on my main post page… see here

Is this a clue? I would like mine black hover on the main, and red on the side bar just like in Integrity (which we installed), is this easy to fix? Right now the previous post do show up for me on the side bar when on a post But not with pictures with red hoverover, how to get that with pictures and red hoverover like in Integrity? Many thanks for your help with this mystery I hope we can solve :grin:

Hi there,

The blog page in the Integrity 1 demo is not created manually through a Cornerstone using a Recent Post element. What you have to do is set the Blog page you have as the post page in Settings > Reading > Post Page. It will then automatically display all your post in the blog page. You can then customize the page in X > Theme Options > Blog.

As for the sidebar, you can go to Appearance > Widgets and add a Text widget to the Main Sidebar widget area and you can use the recent post shortcode to display the recent post with the orange hover effect.

Hope this helps.

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OK I think did the first part “Settings > Reading > Post Page” as you said and I think I made a little bit of progress. Definitely learning more which is awesome! If you look at the page now you will see my sample posts, The one called Text Cornerstone was done in Cornerstone and does not show text preview, is this because these posts are better done in the non Cornerstone? Also you will note the audio ones I did are not pulling the audio to the blogpost page. Any ideas why?

Regarding adding the Text widget with recent post shortcodes, I am wondering why my sidebar puts widgets in squares where as this one below has No “square” shapes arround their widgets, how to do dat :wink:

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

1.) The blog index and post archives will use excerpts to display a summary text or the very first few words from your post. If you created a post with Cornerstone, nothing will display in the excerpts because all the contents will be wrapper with Cornerstone formatting shortcodes. To resolve this, you will have to insert manual excerpts for your posts. Please check out this link on how you can insert the manual excerpts:

2.) With regards to the post that has an Audio Post format, Audio source missing means that you haven’t added the audio code. Please edit this post and find the Audio Post Settings.

The audio post meta options can be found beneath the page editor in WordPress and will be labeled Audio Post Settings. Below is an image of what this meta box looks like in the WordPress admin area:

3.) That is because you add a code shortcode. Please only use the recent post shortcode in the text widget and no other shortcode.

[recent_posts count="4" orientation="vertical"]

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

Thank so much, you guys are awesome! So 1 and 2 I understood perfectly but 3 I do not follow. I had to add short code as last person above told that was the only way to get the images on the side in addition to just the recent post text. I added what he told me. Also in addition to removing the box how do I change the images to be a bit larger like here on side:

Thanks so much you guys truly are amazing…

Let me know regarding these last two questions

Hey @galatia,

What @RueNel meant was you wrapped the Recent Post shortcode with a [code] shortcode. It looks like the code inside your Text widget looks something like this:

[code][recent_posts count="4" orientation="vertical"][/code]

Remove the Code shortcode leaving the Recent Post shortcode like this:

[recent_posts count="4" orientation="vertical"]

Once you’ve done that, the images will expand because the Code shortcode has a padding.

If that is not what you see in your Text widget, it’s most probably you have the code shortcode somewhere and you didn’t close it.


Yeah text widget does not have padding so it is most likely I have the code shortcode somewhere, any ideas? Did not change much if anything from the original install. Thanks!


Would you mind providing us with login credentials so we can take a closer look? Please provide following information:

Set it as Secure Note

  • Link to your site
  • WordPress Admin username / password
  • FTP credentials

All the best!

Thank you so much for your reply. Is it safe to post this online? Perhaps as an alternative you could email me at redphive AT live dot com and I will send whomever wants to look at it the details? Thank you kindly for your advice, just put in subject X theme help

Hi there,

Please kindly use the Secure Note functionality of this post to add the credentials which will be private and safe. That feature hides the text and enables it for the original poster of the thread (You) and the support staff (us). For more information about the Secure Note kindly read the proper part of this article:

Also, I suggest that you bookmark our knowledge base index as you may find cool information there:

Unfortunately, we can not email you anything and you need to keep the features of the forum post to communicate with us.

Thank you for your understanding.

I do not see how to add the secure note option here in a reply. Can you tell me how to do that? Thanks!

Hi again,

Please see and scroll down to Secure Notes section.

Hope this helps!

Please remove this


Hi and thank you! I was able to submit my private details for login as per the request. I am on the final stretch and thank you so much to recap on what I need in very simple terms I am trying to get my blog page side bar to look like the one for integrity. Specifically I would like no boarders around the side images and they should be bigger. As you can see I have tried to do this on my own for weeks and just need a little help from my friends here at the end. I am almost done!!! Please see below the links to my blog page and integrity for details. Also someone noted that I needed to upgrade, could someone help me with that too? Cheers

For your Recent Post issue, please see the previous reply.

If you mean upgrade to Pro, please see X to Pro conversion guide.


As mentioned before there is no padding. The yellow highlight is not there. Why did someone ask for my login details if no one was going to take a quick gander at it? Thank you for you time. I am going to post a separate thread for questions I have regarding the upgrade. I have read all the documents on it but have a few question. One question I do have regarding the update as it relates to this issue is simply: Is updating to Pro necessary to get the above fixed? Still looking for solution to this thread. Thank you kindly

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

1.) Is updating to Pro necessary to get the above fixed?

  • No.

2.) You will have to remove the <code> wrapping the recent posts shortcode to remove the border. I went ahead and fixed the widget area by adding only this: [recent_posts count="4" orientation="vertical"]. The border and padding is gone now.

3.) The post made in Cornerstone does not have a preview or excerpt. I already explained how to resolved that issue in my previous reply. (

Again, I went ahead and added a temporary manual excerpt so that you will see the difference when a post is built with Cornerstone. A manual excerpt is necessary to see a preview or excerpt in the blog index.

Hope this helps.

WOW! Thanks! I think we can now lay this long thread to rest. Thanks to All who helped… RueNel special kudos :wink:

Glad that we could be of a help.

For the additional questions kindly open up a separate thread for each question so that we can focus on each issue one by one and try to give you the best answer possible.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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