Trying to build the cool video in Integrity 1

I’ll admit, complete novice to Wordpress but I’m trying my best to build an amazing business site. I loved the video intro shown in the Integrity 1 template. I have a beautiful video purchased from Getty (.mp4 format) but cannot for the life of me get it to build into Cornerstone. Please help me.

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It’s not made from cornerstone, but with Revslider and background video. Please check this It’s old, but same procedure is applicable. Maybe just different option name and position.

Or this


While the links posted here are both broken and don’t work, what DID work was investigating background video settings and jamming between old user guides and the current guide to troubleshoot each step.

Thanks for the help. You guys could really use an educator on the team to coordinate tutorials and content - I’m a pretty smart guy, and the hoop jumping has been a bit . . . silly.

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They both don’t work
I have the same question

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Thanks for updating this thread. The Integrity 1 demo content is using Revolution slider assign below the masthead. In the slider, there is a background video added to it. To know more about this, please check out the following:
1.) How to assign background videos in Revolution Slider:

2.) And to assign the slider below or above the masthead, please check out this knowledge base article:

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

Agree completely with @sbriggs5. It is very, VERY frustrating to be told you are installing demo content from a specific demo configuration and then once that process is complete, your site looks nothing like what you see on the demo.

It would be significantly more helpful if you could write out / provide instructions on the steps needed to recreate each of these demos exactly. Otherwise, you should set user expectation that they will need to spend many, many hours trying to figure it out on their own (and probably never really getting it how it looks on the demo).

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Sorry for the confusion, X Theme has 2 types of demos, the Standard Demo which only import the customizer settings and the homepage template with place-holder images to it for you to change (no slider included). The Expanded Demo on the other hand will import everything including its sliders (if you install Revolution Slider prior to importing). unfortunately, the Integrity 1 Demo belongs to the former.


We can not provide you the actual slider of Integrity 1 demo, but we can guide you how to make one.

First, download a free Revolution Slider template that you like here, the template named Fantasy Posters is the closest to the Integrity 1 slider if that’s what you want. Or you can also create your own slider from scratch (Revolution slider Docs).

Edit the slider template and change its content (images, text, etc.) that fits on your site.

Set all your Slides Main Background to Transparent so we can see through it the background video later.

Also for the same reason, please set the Slider Background color to transparent.

Now open/edit your page in Cornerstone / Content Builder, open Settings > Page Settings and look for Slider Settings: Above Masthead and Slider Settings: Below Masthead options.

Assign the Slider that you just created on Slider Settings: Above Masthead option, and input your background video direct URL (ends with .webm or .mp4 or .ogv) on the Optional Background Video field.

(It would be best if you have 3 video format (.webm and .mp4 and .ogv) separate with vertical bar | so almost if not all browser will support/play your video.)

Next option to that is the Video Poster Image that is a background-image to substitute the video on mobile.

Next option is the Enable Scroll Bottom Anchor, that is the white circle with down arrow that you see on the bottom center of the Integrity 1 slider. It’s up to you if you want to enable or disable that.

More info about Feature Slider Settings

Hope it helps,

Thanks for the reply @friech. I was able to get the video on the slider. My next question is how do you get it to play in a loop (like you have it looped on the integrity 1 demo?)

I got it to finally work on my site, you can see it here. It is done with the use of the revolution slider plugin that came with X and a little tweaking. It is almost a 100% complete duplicate of the Integrity 1 demo splash page.

My Site:

Let me know if you want to discuss further


David Terrazas

Glad this is now working for you David!

Optional Background Video loop should be automatic. Loop and autoplay for background video is set to ON by default. If it doesn’t work that way for you, you could try testing for a plugin conflict. You can do this by deactivating all third party plugins, and seeing if the problem remains. If it’s fixed, you’ll know a plugin caused the problem, and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time. If loop is still not working, please open a new thread and then share site URL, page with slider and credentials on a secure note so we can check your setup.

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