Trouble adding latest youtube icon to menu


Im trying to add a youtube icon to my menu in PRO and have added the code:

to the menu but it displays the old youtube logo. The one i want is available in the theme and i have used it in my footer but as you need the correct codes in for the menu, im a little stuck. The logo i want is:

I’m sure i have the data code wrong.


Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! If you’re using Pro, you should be able to select as follows.

You can also try following this guide (


Hi, i have tried doing it this way but no icons appear when i do this :frowning:

Hi There,

Make sure that you’re fully updated by following this KB article ( If you’re using any caching plugins, make sure to purge your server cache.

Also another possible cause would be that your server is blocking cross site scripting. If so, please follow our troubleshooting guide here (

If you need any further assistance, provide us with the URL to your site.


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