Transfering standard demos into word press

I have tried to use the Renew1 standard demos to use on my website but when I install it only one the first page is available to edit in the wordpress. What should I do to have all the others pages available as welll?

Thank you!!

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, In X there are two types of Demo the Standard Demo and Expanded Demo.

The Standard Demo like Renew 1 will only import the customizer settings and home page with place-holder images and dummy text.

While the Expanded Demo will import everything, including the slider given that you installed the Revolution Slider extension before you imported the Demo.

Hope this shed some lights,

Hello, Thank you for you reply!!

So What I should do to get the other pages layout? Do I have to develop by myself? Should I have a easier way to get the design of the other pages in Renew1, shouldn’t?

I appreciate if you give any tip on this.

Thank you in advance!!


Hi Patricia,

Since the inner pages are not part of the import, you will have to create them by yourself.

It would be best to go over and watch this intro video for Cornerstone. The inner pages are built using Cornerstone and should be easy to recreate.

Hope this helps.